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Goals-Based Financial Planning

We believe that EVERY client should have a welldefined, documented financial plan that can evolve over time as your needs change.

  1. Listen to understand how you live your life today and what priorities you have now – and for the future
  2. Create a formal financial plan using WealthView, which helps us identify the right solutions and team member support to pursue your goals with confidence

1. Discover

Identify and prioritize goals, gather information.

2. Analyze

Review and assess current situation relative to goals.

3. Advise

Discuss goalfocused strategies and solutions.

4. Implement

Coordinate implementation of plan.

5. Monitor

Regular review to ensure plan evolves as needed.


Enjoy secure online account access through WealthView.

Clients have exclusive access to our online resource that gives you a 360° view of your financial information in a single sign-on, including the ability to import non-Old National deposit or investment accounts.

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